Piyawat Lertvittayakumjorn
ปิยวัฒน์ เลิศวิทยากำจร

Hello, my name is "Piyawat". Some of my international friends call me "Peter". I'm a recent PhD graduate in Computing of Imperial College London (previously under the supervision of Prof Francesca Toni and Prof Lucia Specia). I am now on the job market for an industry research-oriented position, starting summer 2022.

Research Interests:
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Trustworthy AI (focusing on Fairness, Explainability, and Ethics)
  • Human-Centered AI
  • Knowledge Graph & Semantic Web
  • Computational Argumentation
  • Interdisciplinary Data Mining
Contact Email:   plkumjorn [at] gmail [dot] com




Degree Schools / University Faculty Major Subject Period (Year to Year)
Ph.D. Imperial College London Faculty of Engineering Computing 2017-2021
M.Sc. Imperial College London Faculty of Engineering Computing (Machine Learning) 2015-2016
B.Eng. Chulalongkorn University Faculty of Engineering Computer Engineering 2011-2015

   Work Experiences

  • DICE Laboratory, Royal Holloway University of London, London, UK
  • Amazon Lex, Amazon Web Services, London, UK
    • Applied Scientist Intern (Jul 2020 - Oct 2020) -- Virtual internship
  • Ichise Laboratory, National Institute of Informatics (NII), Tokyo, Japan
    • Research Intern (Jan 2017 - Jul 2017)
    • Adviser: Assoc. Prof. Ryutaro Ichise
    • Conducted the research project "Error correction in Knowledge Graph". Devised an algorithm to resolve a kind of inconsistencies, called range violation errors, in DBpedia by searching for the appropriate type-consistent objects to replace the existing type-inconsistent objects.
  • Lab STICC, LUSSI Department, Telecom Bretagne, Brest, France
    • Research Intern (Mar 2014 - May 2014)
    • Advisers: Prof. Philippe Lenca and Dr. Julie Soulas
    • Conducted the project "An Efficient Implementation of Algorithm for Outlier Detection in Data Stream". Implemented and tested an algorithm, based on classification rules, that detects outlier in a data stream and then made improvements in appropriate parts of the algorithm.

   Professional Activities

   Recognised Awards

  • The Academic Excellence Award (MSc Computing Specialisms) sponsored by The Department of Computing Corporate Partnership Programme, Imperial College London, 2016.
  • Anandamahidol Scholarship Recipient (Engineering Division), 2015-present.
  • Outstanding Youth, "Love and Take Care" project under the Royal Patronage of HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, 2015.
  • 10th Place (from 109 teams), in ACM-ICPC Asia Thailand National On-site Programming Contest, 2014.
  • CP Best All-Around Student Award, Computer Engineering Dept., Chulalongkorn University, 2014.


    An Interactive Dashboard to Track Themes, Development Maturity, and Global Equity in Clinical Artificial Intelligence Research Joe Zhang, Stephen Whebell, Jack Gallifant, Sanjay Budhdeo, Heather Mattie, Piyawat Lertvittayakumjorn, Maria del Pilar Arias Lopez, Beatrice J Tiangco, Judy W Gichoya, Hutan Ashrafian, Leo A Celi, James T Teo The Lancet Digital Health, volume 4, issue 4, e212-e213, April, 2022
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    Use of Artificial Intelligence in Regulatory Decision-Making Robert Jago, Anna van der Gaag, Kostas Stathis, Ivan Petej, Piyawat Lertvittayakumjorn, Yamuna Krishnamurthy, Yang Gao, Juan Caceres Silva, Michelle Webster, Ann Gallagher, Zubin Austin Journal of Nursing Regulation, volume 12, issue 3, p.11-19, 2021
    HILDIF: Interactive Debugging of NLI Models Using Influence Functions Hugo Zylberajch, Piyawat Lertvittayakumjorn, Francesca Toni InterNLP 2021
    ESRA: Explainable Scientific Research Assistant Pollawat Hongwimol, Peeranuth Kehasukcharoen, Pasit Laohawarutchai, Piyawat Lertvittayakumjorn, Aik Beng Ng, Zhangsheng Lai, Timothy Liu, Peerapon Vateekul ACL-IJCNLP 2021 (Demo)  Best Demo Runner-up
    Supporting Complaints Investigation for Nursing and Midwifery Regulatory Agencies Piyawat Lertvittayakumjorn, Ivan Petej, Yang Gao, Yamuna Krishnamurthy, Anna van der Gaag, Robert Jago, Kostas Stathis ACL-IJCNLP 2021 (Demo)
    Rational LAMOL: A Rationale-Based Lifelong Learning Framework Kasidis Kanwatchara, Thanapapas Horsuwan, Piyawat Lertvittayakumjorn, Boonserm Kijsirikul, Peerapon Vateekul ACL-IJCNLP 2021
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    FIND: Human-in-the-Loop Debugging Deep Text Classifiers Piyawat Lertvittayakumjorn, Lucia Specia, and Francesca Toni EMNLP 2020
    Human-grounded Evaluations of Explanation Methods for Text Classification Piyawat Lertvittayakumjorn and Francesca Toni EMNLP-IJCNLP 2019
    Why does a CNN predict this class? Interpreting Convolutional Neural Networks for Text Classification Piyawat Lertvittayakumjorn and Francesca Toni BlackboxNLP 2019 (Extended Abstract)
    Integrating Semantic Knowledge to Tackle Zero-shot Text Classification Jingqing Zhang*, Piyawat Lertvittayakumjorn*, and Yike Guo (* equal contributions) NAACL-HLT 2019
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    Correcting Range Violation Errors in DBpedia Piyawat Lertvittayakumjorn, Natthawut Kertkeidkachorn, and Ryutaro Ichise ISWC 2017 (Poster)
    Exploratory Analysis of Big Social Data Using MIC/MINE Statistics Piyawat Lertvittayakumjorn, Chao Wu, Yue Liu, Hong Mi, and Yike Guo SocInfo 2017
    A System to Analyze Twitter Data for Social Science Study Piyawat Lertvittayakumjorn, Panida Nimnual, Peerapon Vateekul, and Pijitra Tsukamoto ICITEE 2015


   Graduate Teaching Assistant


  • 2021
    • Christoph Leiter -- Explaining Machine Translation Metrics (Master thesis, TU Darmstadt, Co-supervised by Dr Steffen Eger)
    • Rishab Balakrishnan -- Interpreting Ensemble-Model Predictions using Model-Agnostic Explanation Frameworks (Individual project, Royal Holloway University of London, Co-supervised by Prof Kostas Stathis and Dr Yang Gao)
    • Wenxu Li -- From Insights to Actions: Exploiting Explanations in Deep NLP for Downstream Tasks (Individual project, Imperial College London, Co-supervised by Prof Francesca Toni)
    • Pollawat Hongwimol, Peeranuth Kehasukcharoen, and Pasit Laohawarutchai -- ESRA: Explainable Scientific Research Assistant (Capstone Project, Chulalongkorn University, Co-supervised by Asst. Prof Peerapon Vateekul)
    • Hugo Zylberajch and Wenxu Li -- Human-in-the-Loop Debugging Deep NLP Models Using Interpretability Methods (ISO, Imperial College London, Co-supervised by Prof Francesca Toni)
  • 2020
    • Sandrine Chausson -- Mining Argumentative Abstractions from Deep Neural Networks (MSc Project, Imperial College London, Co-supervised by Prof Francesca Toni)
  • 2018
    • Meiling Zhu -- Adversarial Domain Adaptation on Biomedical Relations (MSc Project, Imperial College London, Co-supervised by Dr Douglas G Mcilwraith and Jingqing Zhang)